Einstein Year 2005

A special Science Year


For the first time attention is not being focused on a field of science but on a famous person. This also involves deepening our knowledge of Einstein's life and work and of the impact of his ideas, and filling people with enthusiasm for science and research through the attraction of a great scientist and multi-faceted personality. His thinking has changed our time.


Einstein Year 2005 will promote the interdisciplinary dialogue between science, industry, culture and politics. It is a joint initiative which is intended to make people more aware of the mutual responsibility of science and society. A year in which the influence of Einstein's work on intellectuals, musicians and artists will also be a thematic focus. Numerous performances, concerts and exhibitions will accompany a broad-based dialogue.


Einstein Year 2005 will be a year with a special "appeal": It will bring together top class scientists, Nobel prizewinners and internationally renowned personalities in an extremely rich programme, it will bring ideas and inventions into the public eye and provide a public forum for Einstein's words.


Einstein Year 2005 particularly invites children and young people to take part, to think and to ask questions. Children's universities, pupils' camps and competitions for young scientists are just as much part of the programme as new media formats connected with science and research.


Das Logo des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und ForschungDas Logo des WID
Ein Logo bestehend aus Bild und Schrift. Bild: Eine Schwarz-Weiss-Aufnahme von Einstein. Schrift: Einsteinjahr 2005.